Weight Loss How To: Stay Motivated

So you’ve decided to start trying to lose weight, but you’re struggling with staying motivated? Don’t sweat it; it happens to us all, including myself. Staying motivated is probably the hardest part about losing weight. It ties into every aspect of weight loss. If you’re not motivated and excited about your journey, then you probably won’t be as committed. If you’re not motivated, then it won’t reflect on the scale. If you’re not motivated, then you won’t be as strict as you sometimes need to be on this journey. Motivation literally has everything to do with losing weight. So if you’re struggling with motivation, then sit back, relax, and read these tips on how to stay motivated that have worked for me!

Progress Pics. These are so important. Progress pictures really help put into perspective the hard work you’ve put into your journey. I know for me, sometimes it’s really difficult to see any changes in myself in the mirror. To me, I often still see the same thing I’ve seen

progress 1
11/3/16 vs 1/18/1

in the mirror for years. I still see the size 18 girl who was so unhappy with how she looked, and then other times I’m able to see the new size 12 girl who is loving life. I think your brain likes to play tricks on you. So, I think progress pics really help you see more clearly. Sometimes when I’ve taken a progress pic and compared it to an older picture, I’m literally shocked. It can sometimes blow your mind to see the progress you’ve made in picture form, especially when you look in the mirror and feel like you don’t see much change. It’s there, you just need to take a picture, find something to compare it to, and boom! There’s your motivation to keep going when the journey gets hard. You just need to see it in a new light that isn’t the light in your bathroom mirror. That picture for me has kept me going when things have gotten super difficult, and I didn’t feel like I was making any progress. It shows you where you came from, and that is something I always have to remind myself of. I’ve come so far, even though it doesn’t seem like it sometimes. Just take some progress pics, and keep going. You’re making progress, no matter how slow it is. It’s progress.

Reward Your Losses. I find that positive reinforcement does wonders. I made a list for myself of rewards I will buy myself in five-pound increments. These rewards are something I can look forward to, and are never food related. You shouldn’t reward yourself with food because then you’re just going back to old habits, and relying on food to bring you positive emotions.

My Rewards

I normally choose material things or things that I enjoy as rewards. This way I’m not rewarding myself with food, but I still get those positive emotions from the reward. I think this really works for me because it gives me something to work towards. I have that reward to look forward to, and it often really helps me stay on track. This is especially true if it’s something I’ve really been wanting to buy for myself, but feel like it’s something I don’t really need.

Track your weight loss. I honestly recommend tracking everything, from food, measurements, weight, water intake, just everything is good to track. However, if you don’t want to track that extensively, tracking your weight loss is a good way to stay motivated. I like to see how much I’ve lost each month; this way I know what I need to do the next month. ( ps I used the typorama app to make that little yearly calendar!)

monthly weight loss
A look at my year so far


It really helps hold me accountable. I also like looking at my weight from week to week. This way I can look back, and know that if I didn’t have a loss one week, then I probably
treated myself a little too extensively, so I need to reign myself in the next week if I want a loss. It really helps with accountability, but it also can help with motivation. It’s so cool to look back and see a constant downward pattern of weight loss, especially when I feel like it isn’t coming off as fast as I want.

weight loss tracker
A peek at my weekly weigh ins

These tips have really helped me stay motivated and committed to my weight loss goals. I’ve had a steady downward trend of weight loss, so I feel I can thank these tips for that. Without using these methods, I probably would have given up a long time ago. I hope you can implement these into your current weight loss journey, or motivate you to start down the path to better health! Let me know in the comments if you have any tips on staying motivated!




Author: emgetsfitt

My name is Emily. I’m a college student passionately pursuing a degree in Public Relations. I am on a journey to health, fitness, and happiness. I hope to inspire people to take the plunge and decide that their health matters to them. I love cooking, makeup, reading, and of course, fitness and health.

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss How To: Stay Motivated”

  1. Thank you for this post!!! I’ve been feeling so unmotivated this week after having a few bad days and your tips were something I really needed to read. Plus, it’s always good to be reminded that everyone struggles. As a side note, I love the red dress from the top picture, you look absolutely beautiful! x


    1. Aww!! I’m so happy to help! I know feeling unmotivated sometimes is a common struggle for everyone, so I just wanted to share what I do to get myself out of a funk!! Oh and thank you! I’m so excited to wear that dress, I actually feel really beautiful in it!


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