6 Quotes To Help You On Your Weight Loss Journey

These quotes have gotten me through some tough times on my journey. I thought it would be a good idea to share in case you were needing some quotes to help you through those struggles that we all face at some times.

  1. How Badly Do You Want It?

When I feel tempted by anything I always ask myself how badly I want it. Or when I’m feeling discouraged I like to ask that question in reference to my goals. How badly do I want to see those goals? That normally puts me right back on track.

  1. You’re not being selfish when you put your health first.

When you skip a night out with friends because you want to wake up early the next morning for a run, you’re not being selfish. This journey is all about you and if people can’t accept that, then they must not want to help you accomplish your goals. For you to be successful on this journey it has to be a priority.

3. Don’t Forget Why You StartedIMG_4081

When the goings get tough this is always very relevant. When I feel like I’m making no progress I really like to remind myself of my goals and the reasons why I started this journey. To be healthy. To be happy. To be able to shop wherever I want. To feel good about myself.


  1. Do this for you and no one else!If you’re doing this to please your family, your boyfriend, or society, then you’re most definitely doing it for the wrong reasons. You should choose to better yourself and your health because you want to do it. Not for any other reason.
  2. IMG_3834Turn a setback into a comeback. When you fail, which you probably will. You just have to pick yourself back up and get back on track. You just need to be aware of why you decided to go off track and work on the feelings behind it to try to counteract it next time you’re feeling that way.6. Find Joy on the Journey

I think this is especially important. If you’re miserable on this journey, you won’t be successful. You need to find an exercise FIND JOY (1)you enjoy and find a meal plan that you like. If you aren’t eating healthy food that tastes good or doing an exercise that you enjoy, then you’re most likely going to quit.



These quotes have really helped me when I feel like I’m failing. I’ve been feeling that pretty intensely these last few weeks. I’ve had two weeks of no losses, and then this week I only lost half a pound, due to a binge Nutella episode last night. My quote that I’ve been focusing on since last night is turning my setbacks into a comeback. I’m getting back on the losing train asap! I hope they can do the same for you! (ps I made most of these graphics with the awesome app canva!)

If you have some awesome quotes that help motivate you, let me know down below in the comments!

Author: emgetsfitt

My name is Emily. I’m a college student passionately pursuing a degree in Public Relations. I am on a journey to health, fitness, and happiness. I hope to inspire people to take the plunge and decide that their health matters to them. I love cooking, makeup, reading, and of course, fitness and health.

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