My Must Have Weight Loss Staples: Food Edition

Today’s post is about my top-nine-must-have-in-my-pantry foods. These foods are my staples and I probably eat several of these in one day. I’m a person of habit and I’ll eat something until I get tired of it. But these foods, these foods are things I’ve yet to get tired of. If you haven’t tried some of these, you need to get on that, asap!

1. Smartfood White Cheddar PopcornIMG_3895

I’m a super snacky person, and I will literally eat a smaller meal so I can have more snacks throughout the day! I love this popcorn so much because it’s crunchy, salty, and cheesy! It’s also only 160 calories for an ounce, which is actually a pretty big serving. I love to take a serving of this with me when I go to the movies! I don’t even feel like I’m missing out on real popcorn with this.

2. Candy GrapesIMG_3879

This is probably one of my favorite things at the moment. What you do is get some grapes, rinse them and take them off the stem, put them in a Ziploc, add a pack of sugar-free Jello powder to the bag, and SHAKE! Then you can put them in the fridge in an open container and let them chill. Once they’re chilled the coating of Jello powder is hardened like a candy coating. OMG! They are addicting!


3. PineappleIMG_3899

I think this speaks for itself! Pineapple is my all time favorite fruit. I never get tired of it. Sometimes I’ll eat so much pineapple that I get ulcers in my mouth, which probably isn’t healthy. I just love the sweetness and sometimes tartness of a good fresh pineapple!

4. Strawberry ApplesauceIMG_3882

This is something I eat literally every day. I buy packs of this weekly. I always eat it as a side to a meal because I like to eat a serving of fruit with every meal. This is something that has been in my grocery cart every week since I started this journey in October, so you know it must be good!


5. CashewsIMG_3878

I love nuts. I really love almonds and pistachios, but I got tired of those pretty early. I definitely prefer cashews now, even though, they’re a good bit higher in calories and fat. I think they taste way better! They’ve been a staple for going on a good two months now, I probably eat some every day.

6. Jiff Whips (peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter)

I absolutely adore peanut butter and Nutella. These Jiff Whips have kind of filled that hole in my heart that they left. For only 140 calories for 2 tablespoons for the plain peanut butter and 150 for the chocolate version, they’re definitely winners in my book! You seriously need to try these, especially the chocolate one! I love putting the chocolate on some toast and topping with a banana for breakfast!

7. Simply Cheetos Puffs White CheddarIMG_3890

I love chips. They are seriously my favorite, and finding better for me versions is so helpful in making this journey one I can continue on for a long time. These puffs are so yummy! The serving size is very nice for only 160 calories! I eat sandwiches a lot and I feel like a sandwich isn’t a sandwich without chips, and these guys have stolen my heart. I was a big fan of veggie straws for the longest time, and I found these babies within the last month. They have quickly replaced my veggie straws!


8. Cheese SticksIMG_3891

I love cheese. I’ve heard a lot of people say you have to give up cheese to lose weight, but I seriously don’t think that’s true in the slightest. I’ve been eating cheese this entire journey and I’ve definitely lost weight. I just normally look for lower calorie versions such as part-skim mozzarella or something similar to that. These cheese sticks are my favorite and I’ve tried several different ones throughout my journey. These take the cake. I love having one of these with a ½ ounce of cashews as an afternoon snack.

9. Chocolate rice cakesIMG_3888

This + Jiff Whips Peanut Butter is to die for!! It literally tastes like a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup!! I don’t normally eat this by themselves but they’re pretty good, they just taste way better with the PB on them! They make for the perfect dessert! I got the idea for this from the lovely Sophie on Instagram!

So that concludes my ride or die foods. So it’s only nine things, but I couldn’t think of another thing to add to this list! You should totally check some of these out! If you do, let me know! Stay tuned for my second edition of weight loss must haves, featuring tools for success!

Author: emgetsfitt

My name is Emily. I’m a college student passionately pursuing a degree in Public Relations. I am on a journey to health, fitness, and happiness. I hope to inspire people to take the plunge and decide that their health matters to them. I love cooking, makeup, reading, and of course, fitness and health.

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